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Copyright Policy

We (Distrify Media Limited) take our obligations under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Acts 1988 and Digital Economy Act 2010 to protect the Intellectual Property rights of online Content Providers and third parties very seriously. For the benefit of our US based Content Providers, we are also committed to providing a similar level of protection as provided for in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998. Customers should read our Customer Terms and Conditions for information on what action we may take in respect of unauthorised use of Content.

Content Providers are required to abide by our Content Provider Terms and Conditions. Content Providers must ensure that they have all necessary rights to make the Content available through the Distrify Service. We do not tolerate piracy and it is our policy to block access to, and/or remove, Content which we believe in good faith to breach the proprietary rights of a third party. It is our policy to ban Content Providers who repeatedly breach the proprietary rights of third parties, but we reserve the right to withdraw access to the Distrify Service from any current or potential Content Provider where we determine in good faith that the Content Provider in question is liable to infringe the proprietary rights of a third party.

Procedure for reporting an alleged infringement

Should you believe that any Content located on or accessible through this website and/or the Distrify Service infringes any of your proprietary rights, please send full details of the alleged infringement, including the following information to our Copyright Compliance Officer, Stephen Green, by email or in writing to the address below:

We will forward a copy of your notice to the Content Provider who is making available through the Distrify Service the material which is the subject of your complaint. In submitting notice of an alleged infringement of copyright, you understand that you shall be held liable for all losses and/or costs including, but not limited, to reasonable legal fees and lost sales revenue, incurred by Distrify Media Limited or a Content Provider as a result of any action taken in respect of inaccurate or false information contained within your allegation.

Please email your notice alleging infringement to [email protected] or send by post to Copyright Compliance Officer, Distrify Media Limited, 2 Dawson Road, Glasgow, G4 9SS, United Kingdom.